Customized Training

It is all about YOU

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BSC trainers help you acquire and strengthen your skills, knowledge, and abilities. Training focuses on your development to enhance your intentional growth. After participating, you will be able to move practical ideas to action immediately upon returning to your work setting and in your personal life.

From the emerging leader—to the just promoted supervisor—to the long-term member of the management team—to the volunteer board member, BSC training programs help you grow personally and professionally.

  • BSC training programs are intentionally designed to meet a client’s unique needs and identified audience.
  • Our trainers and facilitators add value by providing customized resources to educate, mentor, and facilitate your learning in a supportive, open environment.
  • BSC is committed to understanding your business and incorporating and applying pertinent industry knowledge into every learning opportunity.


• Enhances an organization’s team capacity; improves professional’s leadership skills, knowledge, and abilities; and increases individual intentional growth and development.
• Provides a highly interactive experience for participants.
• Builds in follow-up and accountability to implement learning.


• Leadership Team, Managers & Supervisors, Staff, Board of Directors, and Emerging Leaders.
• Any participant ready to engage in an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop through an action-oriented training.


• Training onsite or online using a comprehensive learning environment.
• Coaching online using secure video conferencing.

Training Options

Workshops with Accountability: Half day, full day, or multi-day training sessions, with additional 60-minute coaching sessions offered 1:1 or in groups of 25.
Leadership Institutes: 6-months to a year program of intensive learning for up to 10 participants.
Mastermind Groups: 4+, 75-minute sessions designed for a group of like-minded participants to discuss pertinent topics, network with peers, and provide mutual support to colleagues.
Annual Retreats: 1-3 day retreats designed for board members, senior leadership teams, and/or identified teams.

Customized Curriculum

• Customize and tailor content to meet your organizational, professional, and personal needs.
• Develop materials that are practical to use.


• Program cost is based on number of participants, length of training, location of training (in-person or online), number and location of coaching sessions.
• Clients can choose location of training (in-person or online) and type of coaching (1-on-1 or Group).
• Cost includes training materials.
Note: in-person training will include reasonable and customary travel expenses.

What our clients say...
Our trainer did a great job keeping our attention and presenting useful and practical information. Inspiring teamwork, commitment, and cooperation.
As we make changes and develop our team, your material could not have come at a better time.
Email us at [email protected] to schedule an intentional conversation TODAY.