Leading ME Principles℠

Leadership begins with you. Look in the mirror and reflect, “Am I leading ME?” –Becky S. Corbett, Leading ME Creator

Leadership begins with you. Leaders do not need titles, as leadership is about your personal actions. Leading in an organization, in your professional career, and in your personal life is all about you, your relationships, and your actions. The Leading ME Principles℠ and strategies support your becoming the leader of yourself and others. Turn the mirror toward yourself—leading starts with ME.

Principle: Leadership Begins with Me

To be a leader, the first person you need to lead is yourself. Be the leader of your journey and make your intentional growth a priority. Look in the mirror, focus on how others see you, and establish your brand. Be a champion for transformation.


  • Own Your Intentional Growth
  • Build Your Brand
  • Be A Change Agent

Principle: It’s All About Relationships

To be a leader, you need followers. To create followers, you must build relationships. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Make genuine connections by treating every person like they are the most important individual in the world. People need to know you care about and appreciate them. Invest in long-term relationships.


  • Communicate Effectively
  • Create Connections
  • Express Gratitude

Principle: It’s All about Action

To be a leader, you need to move ideas to action. Dream big to set your vision and communicate your passion. Make decisions, communicate them to others, and focus your attention and energy on your priorities. Show your commitment to yourself and others by being accountable for your actions.


  • Dream Big
  • Make Decisions & Manage Your Priorities
  • Hold Yourself Accountable
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