Strengths Based Coaching

Creating sustainable change

BSC Coaches support your intentional growth and help you to achieve long-lasting change and actionable results. We customize our coaching approach to meet your individual needs and provide accountability in a supportive environment to increase your rate of success.

What makes a BSC Coach unique?

A BSC Coach will…

  • use a strengths-based coaching framework and approach coaching sessions from a positive stance.
  • offer supportive accountability to help you take advantage of opportunities and achieve your measurable goals and commitments.
  • help you improve and enhance your personal and professional brand, leadership style, communication skills, time management and productivity, executive and business management, self-confidence, and team results.

What is my level of commitment when I hire a BSC Coach?

  • To build rapport with your coach and begin to see change, we ask for an initial commitment to a minimum of 6 coaching sessions.
  • Individual (one to one) coaching sessions are 1-hour in length and Group (one coach to up to 10 participants) coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes in length. Both types of coaching are scheduled 2-4 weeks apart.
  • BSC coaches firmly believe your level of commitment drives your results. Your outcomes will vary depending on how long you work with a coach and what actions you take between sessions. We believe in you and your success and we ask that you commit to YOU.

What our clients say…

Coaching has been one of the best uses of my time in years. Intentionality, accountability, and focused direction are the reasons I highly recommend BSC coaching.
The group coaching program was valuable for myself personally and for my staff. Our BSC Coach asked good questions, accepted everyone’s comments, related thoughts back to our work, and created an accepting and supportive environment for open expression.
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