Inspirational Keynotes

Set the stage to move participants to action

Becky Schwartz Corbett is a dynamic and energetic speaker who creates connections through audience participation.

Enjoy this short video compilation of Becky speaking at The National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS.

Becky provides highly interactive 45-minute keynotes on the following topics:

  • Leading ME Principles℠
  • Producktivity® & Time Management
  • Self-Care Starts with ME℠
  • The Bridge to Hope & Healing®
Take your audience to the next level.
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Leading ME Principles℠
Enhance effectiveness with practical leadership techniques. Becky facilitates an interactive program using the framework of the Leading ME Principles℠: Leadership Begins with Me, It’s All About Relationships, and It’s All About Action. Success in your professional career and personal life begins with leading yourself.

Producktivity® & Time Management
Make intentional decisions and manage your time through prioritization. Applying the Producktivity® Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize., Becky provides an inspirational framework to effectively use the principles in participants’ day-to-day life. You cannot change the number of hours in a day, only how you use them.


Self-Care Starts with ME℠
Take care of you so you can give your best to others. To support participants physical, emotional, and spiritual health, Becky communicates practical self-care techniques. A healthy person intentionally cares for themselves, and is a more productive colleague, successful leader, and engaged family member.

The Bridge to Hope & Healing®
Understand the power of thriving through a life circumstance. Becky shares her experiences through multiple family crisis while actively engaging audiences in learning 9 Principles. Building bridges is about creating connections, establishing relationships, and obtaining resources to help you survive and thrive through moments of personal, professional, and organizational crises.

What our clients say…

This was a very empowering session. Thanks for reminding me of what is important.
Fantastic energy and extremely inspirational. Becky was very passionate about the information she was presenting.
The messages were clear and on target. I found them to be extremely productive.
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