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Getting Ready for the Holidays

It is December and the holiday season has begun. Are you excited or is your stress level building? Are your weekends filling up with multiple events to attend? When attending a party, is your focus on all the things you still need to do: shopping, work deadlines for the end of the calendar year, what dish to make for the next event? Too many people dread this time of the year and wish for it to be over. We have forgotten how to enjoy. How can you be present and create lasting memories during this holiday season? Overcome the urge to procrastinate and be intentional about what you choose to participate in using the Producktivity® Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize.

Identify – Begin by acknowledging that there will always be more events, performances and celebrations than you can attend each holiday season. You will need to make choices. Take time to identify the key events, work parties, travel plans, shopping, community parties, and performances you can attend.

Connect – What events caused you the most stress last year? Make sure to include your significant other and/or family and friends in this discussion. Something that may be fun for you may be very stressful for someone else. Are there activities you can discontinue this year or are there events you want to stop attending to eliminate stress? Now, discuss the top 3 events you want to focus on this holiday season. What are the key factors that will contribute to making them enjoyable?

Organize – Get started now and develop your plan before the holidays are in full swing. For example, spread out your shopping so you do not have to do all of it at once. Shop online to avoid long lines and traffic. Commit time each week to work on your holiday plans. Manage your priorities rather than allowing your calendar to fill up and manage you.

Using the Producktivity® Principles reduces my stress, because I am purposeful about my holiday planning. It allows me to be present, live in the moment and create lasting memories. Have you had a discussion with your significant other and/or family about your holiday plans? Are there things you are opting to stop doing this year to allow time to enjoy the season? Share your thoughts and experiences with us below.

Producktivity® is a unique, interactive personal and professional organizational tool that assists individuals and organizations with improving their decision making and time management skills.

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