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How To Evaluate Change

Are you involved in an organizational, professional, or personal change? Have you encountered delays and obstacles? Are you wondering how people are responding to the change? Evaluating change provides the opportunity to learn from challenges, make necessary adjustments, and involve people affected by the change in the process. Successfully evaluate change by using the Producktivity® Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize.

Step 1: Identify – The word evaluation often implies that it occurs when something has been completed; after you stay at a hotel, at the end of a course, once a project is implemented. Evaluation provides valuable feedback that is needed throughout the change so that adjustments can be made from lessons learned. Identify what you will evaluate, such as obstacles encountered, communications received about the change, and milestones achieved. Then, determine the appropriate times to evaluate each item and if you will evaluate the item more than once during the change.

Step 2: Connect – Review the items you have identified to evaluate and consider which method of evaluation will provide the most useful data and information. Quantitative data may be best gathered through surveys and reports. Qualitative information can be obtained through 1-on-1 conversations, focus groups, and meetings. When asking others for feedback, let them know why the information is being collected, how it will be presented, and what will be done with the results.

Step 3: Organize – A plan is a road map of how to get from one milestone to another. Similar to a road map, a plan for change has many routes to get where you want to go. Because you may not know every scenario to plan for, you still want to plan for modifications. Use the feedback provided through evaluations to determine what needs to be adjusted; timeline, communication methods, staffing. When you make revisions, figure out when you will re-evaluate to see if the adjustments are moving you in the direction to achieve the desired change.

Using the Producktivity® Principles allows you to effectively evaluate change by identifying what, when, how, and how often to evaluate change. How do you evaluate changes in your life? Share your thoughts and experiences, join the conversation below.

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