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Hand-Written Thank-You Note

Why Do I Need to Write a Hand-Written Thank-you Note?

  • Express your gratitude to the recipient in writing.
  • Say thank you in a more personal format.
  • Writing a thank-you note shows you took the time to write the note by hand.

I Need to Send a Hand-Written Thank-you Note After…

  • An organization interviews you.
  • A professor, supervisor, mentor, friend, or family member provides career information/advice.
  • A professor, prior employer, or colleague completes a recommendation for you.
  • An informational interview with someone experienced in your field of interest.
  • A fellow student, professor, or colleague goes the “extra mile” to support you with an assignment, application, resume review.

What is Included in a Hand-Written Thank-you Note?

  • Write legibly.
  • Appropriately address the person you are thanking (Ms. Roberts, Professor Smith, Dr. Hill).
  • Say thank you.
  • Be specific with why you are expressing your appreciation.
  • Appropriately close the letter (Best, Sincerely, In Appreciation, In Gratitude).
  • Sign your first and last name.
  • If you have a business card, include 1-2 in the note.

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