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Sample Interview Questions

Set yourself up for success and be prepared for interview questions. Below is a sample list of interview questions. Take some to reflect on each question, write out your response, practice your response in the mirror, then practice again with a friend or colleague prior to the interview.

Tell me about yourself.

Describe 3 of your strengths.

What skills will you bring to the workplace?

What are your weaknesses? [Hint: prepare only 1 weakness and describe how you have been improving.]

What sparked your interest in this field? Why do you want to work with this population?

What did you enjoy most/least about your previous position/internship?

Why did you leave your last position/job/employer?

We have a high paced work environment here; how do you respond to a large workload?

What role have you filled in working in a group setting/with groups?

Do you prefer to work with others or by yourself?

Describe your time management and organization skills. Give an example of how you organize your workplace, projects and documentation/paperwork.

Give me an example of when you had to resolve conflict. How did you handle the situation?

Tell me about a time when things did not turn out as you expected. What did you do in response to this situation? What would you have liked to have done differently?

When have you had a problem with an authority figure/superior in the workplace? What did you do about that situation?

Where do you see yourself in 3/5/10 years?

Why should we hire you?

What qualifies you for this position?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Do you have any questions for us about the organization/agency/company/firm?

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