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5 Steps for a Successful Salary Negotiation

A salary negotiation is your opportunity to negotiate what you are worth.

  1. Thank You–Once you receive an offer from your potential employer, graciously thank and express interest in the position.
  2. Written Offer–Ask for the offer (including the salary, benefits, and start date) in writing. Most organizations will provide this information in the form of electronic communication.
  3. Review Days–After you receive the offer in writing, ask the individual for a few days to review the offer. Agree on the specific day and time you will get back to them with questions.
  4. Seek Consultation & Develop Your Negotiation List–Read the offer in detail, including a review of annual salary and all benefits. Think about items you want to potentially negotiate. Talk with a few individuals for advice and counsel, including, but not limited to, a career coach/counselor, mentor, family member, business/financial advisor, field/faculty advisor, former supervisor, or colleague. Develop a list of items, including clarifying questions and negotiation of specific salary and/or benefits elements to discuss during the follow-up negotiation (write down your specific negotiation points).
  5. Time to Negotiate–Be prepared at the scheduled day and time to meet with the identified individual. Depending on the organization, it may not be the person who extended the verbal offer to you. It could be your direct supervisor, manager, or director, a representative from the Human Resources department, CEO/Executive Director, or Board Chair/President or Board Member. During the negotiation (most of the time, this will be conducted via telephone):
    1. Review each negotiation point.
    2. Understand the individual you are talking with may not have the authority to answer your question(s) and s/he may state they will get back to you. Confirm the time you can expect the response.
    3. After the initial negotiation, write an email thanking the individual for her/his time and include the negotiation points (questions/clarifications).
    4. Note: It is possible there will be several negotiations on specific elements discussed during the negotiation.

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