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Interview Thank-You Note

Why Do I Need to Write a Thank-You Note After an Interview?

Writing a thank-you note is an important part of the interview process. It allows you to:

  • Express your gratitude to each individual who took the time to meet with you.
  • Convey your interest in the position with specifics you learned about the role during the interview.
  • Provide the interviewer with a sample of your writing style.
  • Show the interviewer you are committed to the interviewing process.

Do I Send a Hand-Written Note or Email After an Interview?

  • The short answer is “Yes,” and to send both.
  • If you interviewed with multiple individuals, each one receives their own thank-you note.
  • In order to be prepared to email and mail thank-you notes, collect business cards from each person involved in the interview. Check the business cards to make sure their email address is listed. For mailing purposes, send it to the organization’s address to their attention unless they work remotely or at a different site.
  • Email and mail a hand-written thank you note within 24 hours of the interview so that everyone involved in the interview hears from you prior to the panel taking any next steps in the hiring process. Note: A hand-written note will take longer to arrive and is equally as important for the interviewers to receive from you rather than just an email. It demonstrates your high level of interest in the position due to the time you took to hand-write a note and send it through the postal system. It also sets you apart from other candidates who do not send a hand-written thank-you note.
  • The subject line of the email needs to include why you are contacting them. (see example below). Example email subject line: Thank-you: [Job Title] Interview from [First Name and Last Name]
  • Communicate your gratitude for the interview and express interest in the position.
  • Send a unique message to each person who interviewed you.

Interview Thank-You Notes include:

  • Formal business writing style (greeting, full sentences, correct spelling, no typos, closing).
  • Correct spelling of the interviewer’s name, credentials, and title.
  • Gratitude for their time and consideration of your application, resume and interview.
  • Job title you interviewed for (the interviewers may be serving on multiple hiring positions).
  • Interest in the position with any specifics you learned about the role during the interview.
  • Highlight 2-3 things that make you uniquely qualified to help serve the organization.

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