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5 Steps for a Successful Job Search

  1. Resume–A resume is an important method to convey your education, skills, achievements, and experience with the goal of obtaining an interview.
  2. LinkedIn–A LinkedIn profile provides you with the opportunity to connect with individuals and groups in your field located across the globe.
  3. Informational Interview–An informational interview is a brief conversation/dialogue with someone who is in a career that you are interested in exploring.
  4. Online Search–An online search is beneficial to review job descriptions for positions in which you are interested in order to determine the qualifications, skills, and abilities necessary for the position.
  5. Salary Negotiation–A salary negotiation is your biggest opportunity to negotiate what you are worth. Remember: salary and benefits are the highest expense for an organization. Your future employer’s goal is to bring employees in at the lowest level they will accept.

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