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Interview Checklist

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Interview Preparation

 Review sample interview questions
 Write answers to interview questions
 Practice interview question responses in the mirror and with a colleague
 Have copies of your current resume/portfolio with achievement highlights
 Research the organization
 Prepare questions for the interviewer about the organization and the position
 Select clothes and have a colleague confirm your selection
 Go to interview location: confirm travel time, parking (if applicable)
 Practice. Practice. Practice.

Research the Organization

 Obtain information about the actual interview

    • Confirm date, time, location and inquire if there are any security requirements
    • Who is the interviewer and what is her/his role?
    • How long will the interview last (approximately)?

 Learn as much as possible about the organization

    • Read website (every page) and social media
    • Know the organization’s mission and vision
    • Know the Board Chair/President’s name
    • Know the CEO/Executive Director’s name
    • Ask who you will be meeting with and review their staff and LinkedIn profiles

 Locate financial information

The Interview Day

 Be on time [arrive 15 minutes early]
 Turn off your mobile device and do not use
 Sit professionally while waiting on the individual(s) to meet you
 Make eye contact and shake hands with everyone you meet


 Take a few minutes to reflect on what went well and what you can improve; write down new interview questions to add to your practice questions
 Write a formal thank you and graciously express your appreciation for their time

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