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What to Ask a Potential Employer

Set yourself up for success and be prepared to ask potential employers’ questions. Take some time to review the organization’s materials, including, but not limited to their website, social media accounts, LinkedIn profiles,, the position announcement, and job description. Review the sample list of questions below, write down a list of thoughtful questions, and select the ones that best demonstrate your knowledge, interest, and enthusiasm for future employment with the company.

How would you describe the organization’s culture?

Please describe what a typical day looks like at this organization.

Why do you enjoy about working here?

What challenges do you experience in your role with this organization?

What attributes do you value in a team member?

By whom and how often will I receive work supervision?

What is the average caseload size?

What is the average length of time I would be working with a client?
I reviewed the organization’s Annual Report/Form 990 and noticed you receive funds from [XXX-state the funding sources]. Please describe your organization’s funding mechanisms.

I have an interest in business development. Will I be given an opportunity to write grants?

How important is personal and professional development to your organization? What do you offer regarding career growth and development?

Does the organization support and encourage staff being a volunteer leader and/or serving as a board member in the community?

Does your organization have a probationary period/introductory period? What are the expectations for a successful completion?

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