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Resume Checklist

Make sure your resume accurately reflects what you are capable of doing.
(Clark & Hoffler, Start Smart)

Resume Look & Feel

 Name resume file: First Name. Last Name. Resume. Date. “Becky Corbett Resume 1.5.18”
 1-2 pages
 Legible font
 Bold degrees, not school
 Bold job title/function, not employer name
 Use a variety of resume action verbs
 Create parallel structure
 Spell out acronyms the first time
 Create PDF to send resume electronically to prospective employers
 Review. Review. Review. [by 5 people]

Resume Content

 Communicate what is “uniquely me”
Quantify your experience using numbers, such as client ages, # of clients served, # of clients in group, budget in dollars
 Give your internship a name, not Social Work Intern
 Highlight accomplishments and outcomes
 Include projects, teams, contributions
 Review. Review. Review. [by 5 people]
 Keep resume current
 DO NOT include References on your resume. Once the potential employer requests, provide on a separate page with your content information

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